Footage Confirms Zygarde Formes for Pokémon Sun and Moon

Just hours after two new Pokémon were revealed, it has been confirmed an oldie will be returning to Pokémon Sun and Moon. We’ve gotten glimpses and details on the legendary Zygarde since its debut in X and Y but nothing really substantial as of yet. Now, we will get to see it and all its different versions when it comes to the next gen title.

Video shows 10% Forme Zygarde taking on a Metagross. The dog-like variation of the Pokémon rains down a powerful attack with Thousand Arrows then charges head-first at the opponent with Thousand Waves. The stats for these moves are currently unknown but are obviously strong enough to knock Metagross down to less than half of its HP.

The next part reveals 10% Forme transforming into Complete Forme Zygarde once its own HP has decreased enough. This is due to its new ability which acts sort of like a Mega Evolution. The Complete Forme seems to come with increased stats as the HP has healed and is more than double its previous Forme. It uses the Core Enforcer attack to absolutely decimate foes.

Seeing Zygarde make a comeback to gen VII means it must have some importance to the storyline taking place in Alola. It stars in Pokémon’s upcoming movie along with Volcanion and Magearna but was never utilized in X and Y. You can take a look at the footage below and wait for more information on Zygarde as the launch for Pokémon Sun and Moon draws closer.