Grand Kingdom Faces not so Grand Delay

They say bad things come in threes, so hopefully Grand Kingdom’s launch delay is the final entry in the anticipated games delay trilogy that began with Mighty No. 9 and No Man’s Sky.  The North American launch has been pushed back to June 28 from June 21.  This delay for all physical editions for North America is due to a mix up at the production facility where the packaging needs to be physically taken apart and reassembled.

While this delay may be upsetting for those who were eager to start playing June 21, this delay ensures that every gets the correct product they purchased.  To compensate for the delay the free period for the free launch DLC has been extended to July 28.  European fans have gotten off the hook with the delay as their June 17 release date remains unchanged but those who purchased the limited edition may end up coming up short in regards to the original soundtrack.  The limited editions were packaged with a five song soundtrack sampler CD instead of the full 15 track soundtrack.

Those who are effected by the CD mix up may complete this form to get the proper CD. The PS4 LiteDEMO has been delayed until launch due to technical issues.  However, the PS Vita LiteDEMO is currently available in both American and European PSN stores.