E3 2016: Dark Brotherhood DLC Officially Announced for ‘Elder Scrolls Online’

Bethesda has officially announced at their E3 2016 conference that the Dark Brotherhood will finally be receiving their very own quest line and content in the Elder Scrolls Online for console players.  You will be able to join the Brotherhood and obtain new merchandise and weapons respectively.  Fans of the series will finally be on the same level as PC players with new locations like Hrota Cave and Garlas Agea as well as new characters like Amelie Crowe and Speaker Terenus.  New creatures will also be available like Limenauruus, (a type of minotaur) for you to battle alongside your friends.

You will also have access to the Assassins League crafting style to change your experience to better that of the Dark Brotherhood.

This DLC content will be released on June 14 of this year on console and has already been released on PC.

This is the first of many newly announced DLC so stay tuned to the Bethesda showcase for more information on everything Elder Scrolls related.

Update: Check out the announcement trailer below: