E3 2016: DOOM Getting Big SnapMap, Multiplayer Updates

Bethesda announced that it is greatly expanding creation options for SnapMap, the game’s level creator. You can expect new areas, like finally being able to create levels using Hell assets, and there are interesting new logic changes to allow players to create more robust experiences, like being able to pick up an entire roster of weapons rather than just two. All SnapMap updates will be released for free.

As well, Bethesda announced new modes like the much-anticipated one-flag Capture the Flag mode, here called Exodus. It’s still surprising that Capture the Flag wasn’t actually in the game to start, but at least it’s getting added now. They’re also bringing a control mode they’re calling Sector, and later this summer will come the arrival of three new modes, one of which being free-for-all. It probably makes sense given that developer id Software recently took back development duties from Certain Affinity, the developer it originally contracted to design the multiplayer.

DOOM will also get Unto the Evil, a premium multiplayer expansion coming next month to add new maps, demons and more.