E3 2016: EA Announces EA Originals

Electronic Arts has revealed a new initiative to bring indie titles from small developers around the world to the forefront, called EA Originals.

EA Originals will essentially give indie titles a spotlight that they would not normally get. EA will publish the games, as well as give them advertising and marketing opportunities that will get the word out on their game. The first official EA Original will be Fe, a game about a fox-like cub finding its way in a scary, ethereal world, which they announced at EA Play today. Fe is being developed by Zoink Games, a small team from Sweden.

Unravel was actually the first indie title that EA decided to publish, which must have been a sort of beta test for this new program. The game came from Coldwood Interactive, a small team from Sweden, and it sold well enough for EA to continue working with them. This partnership seems to have blossomed into EA Originals, which will have the publisher helping out many more small time developers.

EA was voted “Worst Company in the World” back in 2013, and Originals seems to be a way in which they are trying to remedy that. Helping small developers who are making wonderfully artistic games is definitely a way to get on the people’s good side, so they seem on track.

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