Screenshot Saturday Featuring Drift Stage, Polynomial 2, and Eleven Others

Screenshot Saturday happens every week on the obvious day as hundreds of developers let loose with images of their latest creations.  This feature collects twelve images plus a bonus and usually includes as much of a write-up as a short paragraph can contain, but this week was weird in that not only did most of my favorite images not have much information available, almost half didn’t even have a name to go with the image.  On the other hand, the whole point is to look at the neat things being created so, despite being less informative than usual, here’s a batch of fantastic images from the games people have been working so hard on.  As usual, don’t neglect to let the animated images actually animate, because they’re so much more entertaining when you do.

Also, let’s all just pretend this is still Saturday somewhere.

Gunnhildr-  Roguelike FPS set in Niflheim, one of the Norse nine realms and the world of ice.  There’s very little info on this other than the scenario, but the art style puts it firmly on the Watch list.

Critical Alpha-  Fly a fighter jet over procedurally generated terrain and eliminate all targets.  This is another game without a lot of info behind it, but that reverse-view immelman turn is too sweet to pass by.

Drift Stage-  Drift racing in a low-poly arcade racer torn straight from the art of the 80s, with an art style set firmly between Sega Model 1 and Model 2.  It’s come a very long way since its Kickstarter demo days and current plans call for an Early Access release this Fall.

Unnamed- Whatever this is, it’s got a cute fox racing on a motorcycle, which is sometimes all that’s necessary.

Demon Ninja Assault: Slash Damage-  Combo-heavy side-scrolling 2.5D brawler.  The only info on this game is its Twitter feed, which has plenty more images just like this one and all set in the exact same room, so we’ll just have to take it for granted that the protagonist escapes some day.  Judging by the icons at the bottom, it’s probably mobile-only.  Nice flow to the moves, though.

Unnamed-  Really, there’s no word on what this is about.  It’s a prototype of some sort and it’s got a robot dancing on a planet.  It’s impossible not to love watching a robot dancing on a strange alien worlds, so even without any details on what the game is about this is impossible to resist.

Unnamed-  Voxel arena sword-fighting game.  You’re a human in a robot body fighting for the entertainment of other robots, because apparently robots are dicks.  On the plus side, you get to kill a bomb-throwing spiderbot by slicing its legs off until the vulnerable red eye is at sword level, and the bombs it throws are as dangerous to the smaller robot enemies as they are to you.

Blazing Legion: Ignition-  Fly and shoot in low-poly space environments filled with plenty of enemies and space-cityscapes to dart through.  Seeing as this tweet is the very first image ever released for this game, there’s not a lot more to mention.  Then again, the video hits all the high points so how much more do you need?

The Mountaineer-  A small guy walks up from the swirling clouds to an icy mountain peak as the wind whips the snow into a ribbon pattern from the summit.  The teaser is a mood piece, and an intriguing one.

Polynomial 2-  Arcade space fly & shoot, and the sequel to The Polynomial.  The new game just landed a few days ago, showing up from out of nowhere on Early Access, and it’s a beautiful thing.  The blackness of the void is filled with gorgeous effects that get even prettier when they explode from sparkling laser fire, which is exactly how an interstellar light-synth space dogfight should play out.

Grappling Fling-  Swing and air-dash through the levels, using your grappling hook to fly from point to point on the giants or latch on to any handy piece of land.  The dash-kick takes out cracks in the giants’ armor, or breaks obstacles in the way.

Unnamed-  Is it really a bug if the game was programmed like that to begin with?  This looks more like an unintended consequence.  Don’t mind the lack of fox animation, this game is early and that’s a feature for later.

Bonus Image

Unnamed-  According to the web site this is her master’s project.  To get a real sense of the detail already included it’s worth popping this image open for the full 2000×2000 treatment.  The way the polygonal design and texture work is layered to create a painted look is really lovely, and the half-finished state of the project makes the design pop out.