Street Fighter V is Coming to the Barclays Center

ESL has added an open tournament to their schedule and it’s going to be held in the home of the Brooklyn Nets.

The event has been appropriately dubbed “The Brooklyn Beatdown,” and will be open 1,024 players. Not everyone will be in Brooklyn, however, as there will be online tourneys to weed out the meek. Tourneys will be hosted on ESL Play and the top prizes will be hotel and flight support if you make it to the main event.

Registration for “The Brooklyn Beatdown” is now open here and costs $10. Even if you make it to the main event you’ll still need to purchase a spectator’s pass to be allowed entry and those are available here. According to the press release tickets start at $45 so it’s looking like $55 total to compete for the main prize; assuming you make it that far. For more information about the proceedings you can go here.