E3 2016: Check Out The Latest Mafia III Gameplay

Hangar 13 has released new footage of some Mafia III gameplay that they’ve been showing at E3 this year. See how Lincoln drives, shoots, and makes choices on how to take down the game’s villain, Sal Marcano.

The video gives an in depth look into some of the mechanics of Mafia III, looking at how Lincoln will deal with his bickering allies. There are three gang lords in the game that Lincoln has brought together, but keeping them that way is no small task. By giving each of them land and resources, you’ll keep them happy, but give too much to one of them, and the others will turn on you. The gameplay also shows some action sequences that showcases how you can choose to go about a mission guns blazing, or stealthily.

Watch the full gameplay reveal here:

Mafia III is set for release on October 7. For more on everything E3, check out our E3 2016 page.