E3 2016: For Honor’s Post-Apocalyptic Story Trailer Looks Awesome

Ubisoft has revealed a bunch of new information about their newest franchise, For Honor. A trailer, and a Viking mission walkthrough showcase some of some of the single player content in the game, which plays similarly to the multiplayer that we saw last year, but with a more scripted epicness to it.

The story of For Honor is a somewhat surprising one. Last year, Ubisoft really only told us that the Knights, Vikings, and Samurai were fighting one another, but we did not know why. In the world of For Honor, a great catastrophe has devastated Earth, and the survivors had to fight for the remaining resources. For a thousand of years, the conflict has not ceased, even though resources are again plentiful. The trailer also hints at the villain of the game, so be sure to watch all the way to the end.

The Viking gameplay is brutal, as the player smashes through waves of enemies. It’s not until we meet one of the great Samurais that we meet a comparable match, and the game turns into a slower, methodical battle between the two warriors. Check out the new footage here:

For Honor will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC this Valentine’s Day, February 14.