E3 2016: Insomniac Developing an Exclusive PS4 Spider-Man Game

Well, after tackling what can best be described as comic book action in games like Sunset Overdrive and the Ratchet and Clank games, it actually makes sense that Insomniac Games would go all out and develop a full-fledged game based on a comic book somewhere down the road. Still, a lot of us were taken by surprise when it was revealed through the video below that not only would they be handling a Spider-Man game, but one exclusive for the PlayStation 4 at that.

Unfortunately, Insomniac developing a PS4 Spider-Man sums up all we know at this moment. We don’t know what universe this takes place in (although the description mentions an “experienced” Peter Parker), what the plot is, what the release date is, or even what the name of the game officially is, since it wasn’t mentioned during Sony’s press conference, so we can only assume “Spider-Man” is a working title for now. All we have is Spider-Man swinging around, narrating, and beating up a few goons (one who may be the Rhino, it’s hard to tell), with a new costume to boot. Still, given Insomniac’s track record, it’s hard not to get excited. We’ll alert you with any further developments on Spider-Man as they come.