E3 2016: New Tacoma Trailer Pops Up On Their Site

A teaser trailer for Tacoma, a story exploration game from the creators of Gone Home, has been uploaded to their website.

The trailer does not show much, other than a quick tour of the Tacoma space station, and a look at some of the holographic recordings that you will be investigating throughout the game. It’s called “Bodies In Motion” which alludes to both celestial bodies and the station itself, as well as the holographic ones we see mulling about in the teaser.

Watch “Bodies In Motion” here.

Tacoma is a game about space and the isolation that comes with it. You’ll play as Amy Ferrier, the new operations specialist for the Tacoma station, but when she arrives for her first day, there’s no one to be found. This leaves her to search the base for answers. Players will be able to talk to a mysterious A.I. called ODIN, but apparently he doesn’t know what is going on either.

If you’ve played Gone Home, you’ll know that Fullbright knows how to tell a story through the environment, and hopefully Tacoma can do the same. If they show anything more here at E3, Hardcore Gamer will be the first to let you know.