E3 2016: tinyBuild Announces Mr. Shifty

Well, it wouldn’t be a major gaming event if tinyBuild didn’t get a chance to unveil another new game that they’re putting out. This makes what, at least fourteen games they’ve revealed so far this year? Not that anyone is complaining, though, given their track record and the high quality of their games so far. And now over Twitch, they showed off the next game that they’ll be publishing, developer Team Shifty’s appropriately-titled Mr. Shifty.

Mr. Shifty has you breaking into the world’s most secure facility in a top-down action game where you face off against a multitude of heavily-armed enemies, and one shot kills you instantly, a la Hotline Miami. The twist here, though, is your ability to teleport around the area like Nightcrawler, using stealth and strategy to poof around and off your foes (or have them off each other). It looks like it could be a hoot indeed, so we’ll be looking forward to Mr. Shifty when it comes out in 2017 for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.