‘Hand of Fate 2’ Coming to Xbox One Early 2017

The sequel to Defiant Development’s hit game of last year is finally going to be released as an exclusive to Xbox One and released in earl 2017.  Hand of Fate 2 will follow in the footsteps of the first game in completing different trials through the collection of different collectible cards that are handed to you by a magical dealer.  With every hand drawn, you can engage in third-person combat or play high-risk high-reward minigames.

This will be the first time that companions will be introduced to aid you in battle with their very own story lines to follow to enhance the gameplay experience.  The card mechanics will also be little bit different this time around with players having to accomplish different feats like reaching 200 gold pieces or conquering ten different hands laid out by the dealer.  Victory will not be so easy this time around.

Players will also be introduced to new dual-wielding weapons and two-handed weapons for the first time.  The game takes places 100 years after the original and will feature the original dealer as the game’s main antagonist, despite having been defeated prior but will this time aid the new protagonist in defeating the previous game’s protagonist.  Confusing?  Well, the previous game’s protagonist has become corrupt with power and now rules as a villainous tyrant, meaning that it is now your job to put him down.

Check out the trailer for the game below: