E3 2016: Conquer the Alps in Steep

Ubisoft spent a lot of time covering some of their upcoming titles at their press conference, and their final surprise was Steep, developed by Ubisoft Annecy for over two years. There’s always a lot of pressure to capture fans of niche sports like snowboarding, skiing, wingsuiting, and paragliding which are all found in Steep. The developers feel confident in the title as they have conducted much research in locating the right demographics.

Searching the term ‘GoPro’ in YouTube brings up thousands and thousands of videos shot by amateur filmmakers on a vast range of hobbies. One of the most popular results includes first-person views of athletes performing stunts in snowy locations. Developers also noticed how many Minecraft videos have been uploaded to the web and are hoping young audiences growing up will continue sharing their content. It’s these ideas combined with the hobbies of the studio’s employees living right outside the Alps, that Ubisoft took and began molding into a brand new extreme sports game. Then, the rise of wingsuiting and more came into the spotlight which was also incorporated into development. The process began with taking transportation methods and technology used in Ghost Recon Wildlands and combining it with an old prototype to get down the basis of this action.


In Steep, players con switch between equipment to experience a brand new way of racing downhill where you’ll be required to perform tricks and stunts to increase your score. There will be a slight storyline within single player mode surrounding tales and mythology about the mountains. Also, a system of quests and accomplishments will be implemented, as well, but most of the game will be enjoyed via multiplayer mode. Here, you and others can compete in races or just take it easy and show off your moves. The mountains in Steep are completely modeled after the real terrain of the Alps, however, some modifications were made allowing every section of the map to be accessible. During play, you can pause the game and take a look at the route you have already taken as well as the route that lies ahead.

With multiplayer experience in Assassin’s Creed and Splinter Cell to help Ubisoft Annecy develop such an inclusive title means they are familiar with how to incorporate a diverse and fun form of entertainment. There’s more information to come on how players will be able to share their gameplay since that was one of the main points of creating the title. The ability to share may come in the form of a built-in community, YouTube access, or something entirely different. Steep is set to launch this December for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.


The extreme winter sports genre has been sort of limited as of late and Steep looks to offer a lot more to appease fans. Ubisoft Annecy will be working on Steep and other games throughout the course of development. It can even get you out into the world and explore a far-off country, conquer mount tops, and have fun without actually feeling cold.