E3 2016: EA Prepares for Titanfall with a Multi-Platform Release

Titanfall was an incredibly fast-paced FPS that changed the landscape of the genre when it was released. It was a perfect gateway game for me into first-person shooters because, while I played and enjoyed them well enough, they didn’t rock my world. It blended platforming in with parkour and gave players a chance to experience David vs. Goliath action thanks to the Pilot vs. Titan mechanics. Traversing the land quickly allowed you to avoid titans and stick and move with anti-titan weapons – or you could be ballsy and ride on them like a rodeo and shoot them until they were destroyed. There was a lot of risk in doing so because you became an instant target – but success was thrilling.

While the first Titanfall delivered a high-quality multiplayer experience, its single-player action was practically non-existent. A tutorial was about the only solo mission you could embark on, as the campaign itself was a multiplayer-only affair – albeit one that ensured everyone could play through it and have a lot of fun. You never had to worry about dying in it, but for an all-new IP, it also didn’t provide you with very much character interaction. Every “major” character got a few paragraphs of dialogue for each side of the campaign, but you never had a clear sense of whose side you were on or which you wanted to be on because there was so little motivation provided.


Respawn has set out to craft a complete single-player campaign and give players seeking a compelling offline experience something they can sink their teeth into. The campaign takes place after the original game – but it isn’t tied into that plotline, so you can start off without playing the first game. This makes sense logistically because it’s coming to the PlayStation 4 as well. There will be six new titan types in this game with scorch and ion being the only two shown off at E3. Scorch is fire-based, as one would expect. He attacks with long-range flamethrowers – so you’ll want to attack with a faster gameplan because his attack range is great, but the spread of the flame is fairly limited.

Pilot classes have been revamped, and each will have exclusive tools at their disposal. One type will be able to use a grappling hook, while another can unleash an item that will show off Al enemy locations. The team at Respawn is aiming to create a more well-rounded experience that keeps its player based interested, whereas the first game, while outstanding, its player base did drop off within a few months before all of the season pass content was made free and then it was revived. Currently, the game is free for EA Access users as well, which has ensured it will stay active until at least Titanfall 2 is released.


Respawn seems devoted to the game and making sure that they get the core game right. While many want first-person shooters in VR, it isn’t something they’re planning on for this game. With the original receiving regular content updates that allowed for a more engrossing experience, one would hope that the sequel has the same thing happen for it as well. Titanfall 2 will be released on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC via Origin on October 28.