E3 2016: Robinson: The Journey Gets Insightful New Trailer

At E3 today, Crytek revealed a new trailer for their upcoming venture into virtual reality, called Robinson: The Journey. Almost nothing was known of the story of the game, but now, we know just a bit more.

It seems that Robin, the main character, was launched off a space station in an escape pod to save him from the ship’s collapse. The small companion robot that was seen floating around the first trailer was in the pod with you, apparently tasked with keeping the boy safe on the “extra-solar planet”. When the droid asks Robin to stay in the pod, he immediately disobeys him, and opens the door. Robin realizes┬áthat he is the only survivor from the station, as he sees that it has crashed right in front of him.

We know from the previous trailer that this new world is inhabited with dinosaurs of varying sizes and ferocities, so Robin is obviously in for a journey. Sorry, had to. See the new E3 trailer down below.