E3 2016: Rock Band 4 Getting Online Multiplayer with Rivals DLC

Rock Band 4 released last year and has received regular updates adding new features, but it was missing a key ability from its earlier incarnations in the form of no online multiplayer.  The game is best enjoyed with friends in the same room so maybe it wasn’t such a big omission, but the newly-announced Rivals DLC is set to add it back to Rock Band when it comes out this fall.  At $29.99 it seems obvious that there will be more included than the ability to play with friends or random people online, but what else is still being shrouded in mystery and a PR-tone-deaf lack of information, which isn’t helping the perception that Harmonix is charging $30 for online play.  There’s more in Rivals to look forward to once the announcements are made, but at the moment the only word is “…brand new features that have never been seen in Rock Band before. These are really big, new modes…”  so we’ll have to wait and see.

The other big announcement is that there’s a new guitar on the way, a cobalt blue Fender that has a hinge where the neck connects to the body.  The new guitar comes bundled with Rock Band 4 and Rivals for $89.99, or you can get it with the new guitar/mic/drums/game combo for $199.99.  The two other new peripherals are a USB adapter for the Xbox One that allows Xbox 360 peripherals to work on the new system, and a combo guitar stand/charger for the new Fender.  Rock Band 4 may not have set the world on fire a second time, but it’s still got an active fan base and hopefully isn’t going anywhere any time soon.