Cory Barlog Might Have Revealed Some Story Details To God of War

God of War is coming back to the PlayStation in a big way. Just about every aspect is getting a complete overhaul and with Cory Barlog, director of God of War 2 (the best God of War game), behind the reigns, once more fans of the series are in for bloody gruesome treat. With many old and new fans of the franchise already dividing lines in the sands over the new look and design of the game, could the mixed reception overshadow what’s in store for it?

I know by now you’ve probably heard just about everything you need to know and then some about the new God of War, but one thing I have yet to hear being reported is kind of a surprise. I feel this is some big news regarding the timeline and the constantly asked questions about Kratos’ seemingly random new Nordic family. Kratos’ presumed deceased wife is shrouded in secrecy, which is surely by design, but Balrgo had revealed a small tidbit of information could make fans re-question her role in the game.

According to Barlog, the end of God of War III leads to a series of events that directly tie the stories of past games together to Kratos’ new adventures in Nordic Mythology. Old news at this point for sure, but it must be mentioned in order to lead into what I believe is potentially a big reveal not meant to be said that has been getting glossed over. Barlog spoke about how this time around Kratos is tamer due to the fact that he is trying to break the cycle of his family, whereas the previous entries saw a repeat and recurring fear of a son predicted to killing their father (Zeus banishing Cronos) causing the events of the game to kick off which eventually trickles throughout the family line down to Kratos. If Kratos could kill Ares (the God of War) he could kill Zeus (his father) and become the New King of the Gods.

This also ties into Kratos’ rage meter that we witnessed increasing during specific sections of the demo. This is yet another way we see a gameplay element also act as a storytelling device. It was explained that he is bottling up his anger desperately trying to keep the beast of his former life of a Spartan warrior under control, but we all know that at one point or another, the real Kratos will emerge. It’s just a matter of in what fashion and against who? Could it be a mythological Nordic God? Or possibly against his own son in acting the very cycle he hopes to break? But what about the big reveal, you may be wondering.

When asked about Kratos’ son’s mother, Barlog said she is a big factor in the game and its story. He didn’t want to talk about it (obviously) but it was implied that she could be dead as we are led to believe in the gameplay demo, or she could still be alive and well. He reaffirmed that at this time, they were not talking about it but offered a bone to ease eager minds and that bone being who the child’s mother is is very important. When Kratos mutters to his son “Now you are ready” and his son replies, “For what?” and Kratos responds “A new beginning,” it seems as if he could be preparing his son to defend himself against the main antagonist of the game. Could it be his own mother who may be a Nordic Goddess attempting to kill her son before he can kill her and take her place?