E3 2016: Nintendo Surprises Us With New RPG Ever Oasis

To be honest, one of the reasons Nintendo’s E3 offerings this year felt like a disappointment going in is that after Splatoon last year, a colorful third-person shooter that also served as a rare new IP that joins the Nintendo family of classic characters and franchises, deciding to put all of their eggs into just the Zelda basket and a small set of familiar franchises felt like Nintendo was retreating back into their comfort zone instead of exploring new horizons like one would want. So when it was announced in Nintendo’s Treehouse event today that they would be releasing a brand new IP in the form of an RPG called Ever Oasis for the 3DS, there were a lot of cheers to be heard from us.

Developed by Grezzo, the folks behind last year’s Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes and the Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask remakes for the 3DS, Ever Oasis is an action RPG inspired by Egyptian culture and mythology where the goal is, as the title may suggest, to build your own oasis. To do so, you must forage the desert and the caves and dungeons within it for materials, recruit new villagers from different tribes and lands to work with you, and battle an evil entity known as the Chaos. With its charming and colorful super-deformed art style, unique world, management system, and what looks like fun combat, Ever Oasis could be the type of hidden jewel Nintendo needs more of, and we hope to learn more about it between now and its 2017 release date.