Limited Run Games Printing Vlambeer’s Nuclear Throne for PS4 and Vita

Nuclear Throne is no stranger to the physical edition, having already had a very nice IndieBox several months ago, and now it’s about to get another for PS4 and Vita.  Limited Run Games has teamed up with Vlambeer to produce the disc version of Nuclear Throne, just announced on Twitter today with literally no other information available.  With the current publishing schedule it seems highly unlikely to release before August, and Vlambeer is popular enough that it’s probably going to be an Oddworld-sized print run of at least 5,000 copies, but that’s all speculation.  Whatever the details end up being, though, Nuclear Throne is a fantastic post-apocalypse wasteland action-roguelike shooter, with a colorful cast wielding unique and well-balanced abilities to survive the mutant horde shootout, and any collection is made better by its inclusion.