E3 2016: Chambara Sneaks in Monochrome Multiplayer Stealth With a New Trailer

With more and more indie games attempting to scratch that local multiplayer itch, a unique hook is now more required than ever to stand out from the pack of potential party games. Enter developers team ok and Chambara, their Samurai cinema-themed multiplayer stealth game, which has a new trailer for E3 that you can view below.

As seen in the trailer below, Chambara is a mostly melee-focused first-person game for up to four players set in a wide variety of two-color arenas, where each character is a silhouette that blends in with various scenery. As such, careful attention and trickery is needed to find your opponent and deliver the killing blow, resulting in a colorful, customizable spray. It looks like a terrific multiplayer game indeed, and it’s already received acclaim at E3 by winning “Best Game” at The MIX E3 2016, outshining some stiff competition. Chambara is due out on July 26 for Ps4 and Xbox One, so look out for it.