E3 2016: First Three Wrestlers Revealed for WWE 2K17

Before E3 came up, WWE revealed artist Rob Schamberger will help 2K reveal the first superstars to appear in the upcoming wrestling game WWE 2K17. Now, with the event wrapping up, Schamberger has finished his masterpiece.

The face of the company, John Cena was a shoe-in to appear. He has won multiple championships within the company and shows no signs of stopping. The Ultimate Warrior is a member of the WWE Hall of Fame and will also be included. He marks yet another triumphant return in the video game series since his untimely passing. His reveal confirms there will be other legendary wrestlers and blasts from the past will be added to the roster. Then, we have “The Boss” Sasha Banks as the first woman to be revealed. This marks her first video game appearance and helps promote the women’s revolution in WWE.

While it was announced Goldberg would be available as a pre-order bonus, we’re not sure if he could be considered a classic yet. Either way, we now know a total of four WWE Superstars coming to WWE 2K17. Take a look at the amazing painting Schamberger worked on┬áduring E3.