E3 2016: Steredenn’s PS4 Debut Trailer

Steredenn lit up Steam last year with crunchy pixely randomized horizontal shooting, and now it’s only a short wait before it lands on PS4 on June 28.  The new trailer tells the whole story- fly left to right, learn to use the right weapon for the job or at the very least make due with what you find along the way, and watch out for the merciless bullet patterns and giant bosses that are highly effective at grinding your shield down to nothing.  Surviving the trip in Steredenn is by no means easy, but a combination of skill and experience topped with a little luck in the weapon drops and enemy patterns should see you make respectable progress.  A killer soundtrack and excellent enemy design make replay that much easier, but solid shooting action is always its own reward.  If you haven’t had a chance at the Steam version yet, check out the trailer below to get a taste of the many, many ways Steredenn has to pack the screen with bullet-flavored doom.