Launch Date For ‘F1 2016’ Revealed to be August 19

There’s been a shortage of Formula One games on new generation consoles since their inception back in 2014.  One of the best racing simulators to date, the franchise will be welcoming its newest installment, F1 2016, on August 19 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.  The announcement also brought on new gameplay footage of pro drivers playig through the tight Baku street circuit.

Reserving the game will grant players the Career Booster DLC pack that will coincide with the new 10 seasons of career mode that will deal with the players musings both on and off the track.  This DLC will bring exclusive Career elmets and Laptop designs that can be used upon release.  The game will also reintroduce the Safety Car, the first inclusion of the Virtual Safety Car, and a few more details that will soon be released.

Check out the new gameplay trailers below:

Baku Street Circuit

Daniel Ricciardo

Jolyon Palmer