Pair of New 3DS Consoles Coming to Japan for the Release of Pokémon Sun and Moon

Japan, as per usual, gets all the cool things before the rest of the world. In celebration for the upcoming release of Pokémon Sun and Moon, there will be two New Nintendo 3DS XL consoles available. They both feature Pokémon to keep the theme going.

One 3DS comes in all yellow with a faded image of Pikachu laying across the top portion of the case and the rest of its ear and tail sticking to the back of the bottom half. Inside is still yellow but the buttons are fully colored. The other console is all black with white etched images of the legendary mascots from the new games, Solgaleo and Lunala. On the lower portion are the Pokémon’s silhouettes also in white. On the inside, the letters of the buttons are the only parts showing off any color.

Both systems will be available on November 18 to coincide with the release of the games. They will cost around 18800¥. Take a closer look at the two below.