Pokkén Tournament Receives New Update for Wii U and Arcade

Pokkén Tournament is one of the hottest fighting games of the year well into a successful run as a big seller. However, with all new games nowadays comes some much needed updates. The Wii U version received the 1.3 patch a few days ago which involves all Pokémon getting boosts or downgrades of some sort. There were also changes made to support Pokémon as well.

The arcade version is also getting a few additions. While it won’t matter to many of us, those in Japan will finally be able to play as Braixen, Garchomp and Dark Mewtwo as they were previously left off the roster. There also seems to be a hint as to brand new Pokémon being added but whether they are fighters or supportive types is unclear.

Stay tuned for more information and take a look at a new trailer to promote the arcade update of Pokkén Tournament.