E3 2016: ChengDu, Strategic City of Game Industry

Dubbed a Strategic City of Game Industry, and the “Fourth City” of Chinese Mobile Games, ChengDu is home to over a thousand game developers. Here to represent the explosively growing game industry in China, several companies from ChengDu came to show off their stuff at E3 2016.

Amanda Zeng, Members Service Department Executive of the ChengDu Association of Sourcing Service, directed my attention toward the multitude of talent sort of floating under the radar so far here in the West. Primarily, ChengDu game developers specialize in mobile games, PC games, web development, and outsourcing. Given the growth and economic benefit of the Chinese game industry, the Chinese government has played a role in supporting the various studios and companies, including aiding some companies on their trip to the E3 show floor. Department Executive Zeng ran me through the talent present at their booth.

Sheer Character Turnaround

First of the ChengDu developers present on the show floor to mention is the ChengDu JoyPalm Network Technology Co., an online gaming company. Committed to the R&D of MMO games for both the PC and mobile devices, JoyPalm’s R&D work has played significant roles in the creation of games like Kungfu Kids, Soul of Fighters, GetAmped, and Destiny of Darkness. Not to be mixed up with JoyPalm, game development and publishing company PalmJoys sports talent from companies like Gamewave, Tencent, 17173, and Tap4Fun. Their products include Nordic Wars, Little King of Fighter, Forever Young, and League of Legends (cartoon version).

Founded in 2005, Sheer Tianyi Technology is the largest game content outsourcing company in West China. Sheer has contributed to over a thousand shipping titles over the courses of ten years with work ranging from Pre-Rendering art, 3D Modeling and Texturing, and VR Content Production to name a few. Similarly, Trias Digital Technology offer their game development, animation, VR, film production and education services for hire. Trias projects include work for Disney Studio and Mail Ru in Russia. Meanwhile, Pop Monkey Games specializes in outsource game development services ranging throughout a project’s pipeline, like porting, Level Art, Animation, and VFX. ChengDu YiMei Digital Technology Co. are also an outsourcing company, but cover the overall implementation of various technologies and designs for a project. This includes the design, programming, and art.

YiMei Model Turnaround

Zongyou International Education is a change of pace from the others. The company aims for being the top brand in informationalized preschool education, and work with government assistance to delivering innovated teaching materials and a comprehensive preschool education system. Finally, Chengdu 360 Joy Network Technology Co. engages in the R&D of online games like Legend, Fengyun, Luvinia Online, and Panlong OL. Their portfolio includes both MMO and competitive games, while including R&D work with products like Fantasy Domain, Sword World, and Star Burst Stream.

All the companies listed here were only a handful of very, very many professional game development businesses running out of ChengDu. While they do have a small presence overseas, there seems to be a push to get more and more communication with our side of the world. Here’s hoping we get a fresh take of games from more foreign countries in the future – China included.