June Splatfest Announced for Splatoon

Rise and shine Inklings, it’s time again for Splatfest. With all the E3 hub bub coming to an end, we have to get back into actually playing games! Splatoon announced that Team Early Bird will take on Team Night Owl in a showdown that might never happen in nature except around dusk.

If you’re one to get up early and get everything done quickly, being an early bird is your thing. You’ll be able to wake up and fit in some matches before those other lazy birds get out of bed. Although, being a night owl means you are staying well past sundown to get as many matches in as possible. In fact, it might actually turn out to be difficult facing off with one another if everybody sleeps at different times.

In either case, Splatfest begins on June 24 at 9PM PT but you can pick your side soon.