Zaccaria Pinball Brings Vintage Silver Ball Library to Steam

70s pinball is a very different thing from the game as it is today, but despite the lack of flashy effects and dot matrix displays it’s got an appeal that’s every bit as attractive, once you get used to its quirks.  Zaccaria was a company producing pinball in Europe during the late 70s through the mid 80s, and Zaccaria Pinball recreates these tables digitally much like Pinball Arcade does for more modern machines.  After a semi-successful Indiegogo campaign and a week’s worth of testing by its backers, Zaccaria Pinball landed on Steam today, free to play with unlimited gaming on the Time Machine table.

The pricing structure for Zaccaria Pinball carries over from the mobile version, in that each of the remaining 37 tables are $1.99 apiece, or you can get the Gold pack with everything included for the slightly odd price of $40.63.  Whether you choose to put the collection together one at a time or all at once, there’s a ton of great gaming in there, although it’s also worth noting that bug-squashing is an ongoing process.  So far response has been quick, though, and even since the closed launch last week there have been several updates improving the game immensely.  Future plans call for not only poking at the code until everything runs smoothly but also adding VR support, which is quickly becoming a default fixture for digital pinball.  Zaccaria produced a library that didn’t get much exposure in the US, and getting to explore its output in such a thorough fashion is an opportunity that should be impossible for any pinball fan to resist.