PlayStation 4 Neo Reportedly Still Launching This Year

According to Eurogamer’s Richard Leadbetter, Sony’s more powerful refresh of its PlayStation 4 console—codenamed the Neo—is still set to launch later this year.

Leadbetter, best known for his exhaustive Digital Foundry technical analysis work, wrote an interesting piece wondering aloud if 4K resolution gaming is really the best use of power for a refreshed system. In the article, Leadbetter said “several sources have indicated” to him that indeed Sony is still planning to launch the Neo this year.

That’s not necessarily new information since it’s long been rumored that the Neo will launch this year, but given that Sony didn’t mention it at E3 2016 at all while competitor Microsoft officially unveiled plans for its own refresh called Project Scorpio for 2017, many have wondered if Sony’s plans have changed at all. If Leadbetter’s sources are correct, we probably don’t have too much longer to wait before Sony reveals the Neo.