E3 2016: Blade & Soul Fields The Exemplary Soul Fighter

NCSOFT’s free-to-play MMORPG, Blade & Soul has seen a great multitude of free updates since its release. Most significant of which being the content updates to the game’s main quest which in turn introduced new areas to explore, endgame dungeons, and even new modes. While the West is behind on the very latest content to come to the game, we will be receiving Acts V and VI of the game’s main story later this year. This will mark the end of the revenge arc of the main story, which culminates with the climax of Act IV. Meanwhile, the Western servers do have exclusive pets – the griffin and the otter. For those unfamiliar with the action-oriented MMO, Blade & Soul uses a combo-favoring battle system where chaining different attacks, along with movement and active defense will determine the outcome of a battle. As such, PVP plays out similarly to the rock-paper-scissors nature of traditional fighting games.

The spotlight of Blade & Soul’s E3 presentation centered on the new upcoming Soul Fighter player class. The Soul Fighter is the ninth class added to the game, and seems to be one of the best so far. Soul Fighters have access to melee, ranged, and resurrection abilities, making it the second class in the game who can revive fallen players. Its melee Kung Fu Stance is default, and mimics the Kung Fu Master class in that it allows effective reactions to an opponent’s moves. It includes the highest number of dashes, counters, and even invulnerability frames, making the Soul Fighter’s defensive repertoire the top of its class. The ranged Elemental Stance plays differently, favoring stacking a multitude of abilities on its target, while suffering from extended cooldowns as a balancing weight. But in a game with such strong PVP as Blade & Soul, the Soul Fighter shines. Stepping into the game, the Soul Fighter’s bread-and-butter combo is easy to pull off, additionally, its dodges are very simple to use as long as one is wary of the cooldowns. Most importantly, the Soul Fighter can adapt to different ranges, so switching between Earth element melee attack styles and Frost element ranged attacks are one of the Soul Fighter’s strong suits and will likely be what most players find truly important about the class. While dropping directly into a boss fight, the Soul Fighter’s survivability and flexibility allowed it to lay on DPS at every single moment of the fight. Skilled players who have a grasp on both melee and ranged combat will perform fantastically with the Soul Fighter but will need to favor one of its available elements over the other. There is a cooldown between switching stances as well, so knowing why to make the switch is just as important as knowing how to maximize the class’s effectiveness in either stance. Additionally, the Soul Fighter’s resurrection ability enables it to play a powerful support role in party raids as well. It all works, making the Soul Fighter feel not only at home in Blade & Soul, but also practically preferred in most scenarios.

See a rundown on the Soul Fighter class in the video below. Blade & Soul is set to receive the Soul Fighter class later this quarter