Acceleration of Suguri 2 Pre-Orders Go Live

It’s been a while since Acceleration of Suguri launched, which means it’s finally time for the sequel to this anime-styled shooter to release! The game itself is a shoot ’em up featuring the casts from 100% Orange Juice’s Sora and original Suguri.

With over ten characters to play as, there are ample opportunities to face off in 1 vs 1 bullet hell battling. Though you can totally play in single player, Acceleration of Suguri 2 likely shines brighter in multiplayer. Multiplayer is available in both local and online modes.

Folks can snag a pre-order price of $8.08 for Acceleration of Suguri 1 if they pick it up via Fruitbat Factory’s store. It appears no pre-order discount is available on Steam.