Best of E3 2016 – Day Two: Indie, VR, Strategy, Racing, Sports

Over the next five days, Hardcore Gamer will be revealing its Best of E3 2016 Awards leading up to our Game of Show. Today we present you with the Best Indie, VR, Strategy, Racing and Sports games.




There’s no doubt about it: Furi is one of the coolest looking action games ever created. Its unique visual palette makes it a dream to look at and one you want to enter and never leave. Well, so long as you dream of sword-fighting and listening to a giant talking rabbit. It’s hard to explain, but trust it, it’s frickin’ awesome.

E32016-Nominee-Brutal E32016-Nominee-Aragami E32016-Nominee-Lawbreakers E32016-Nominee-MrSwifty
Brut@l Aragami Lawbreakers Mr. Shifty




Virtual Reality’s potential is limitless. The technology available to use can transport us to different worlds, make us the heroes we’ve always dreamed we could be and give us powerful creation tools. It’s just too bad there hasn’t been a VR game that harnesses this potential. Sure, we have some nice tech demos and arcade games where the player stands still, but we don’t a real game. That is, until Farpoint came along. Farpoint is a first-person shooter developed exclusively for PS VR and actually feels like a full game. Players can move and strafe around the 3D environment all while aiming-down-sights and firing at aliens. Coupled with the impressively accurate PS VR Aim Controller, Farpoint turns into one of the most immersive VR games ever seen. E3 2016 gave us a lot of games, and we can add a true, full-blown FPS VR game to that list.

E32016-Nominee-RawData E32016-Nominee-ResidentEvil7 E32016-Nominee-WRC6 E32016-Nominee-RobinsonJourney
Raw Data Resident Evil 7 WRC 6 Robinson: The Journey




GWENT: The Witcher Card Game is not messing around. Right from the start, players will need to plan their victory for not only the current round of a match, but the second, and possibly also the third, if they want to win. With only a ten-card hand and two rounds to win, smart GWENT players will always have more than a handful of contingency plans up their sleeves. Filled with various multi-faceted cards to build a deck with and five diverse factions to play, GWENT does not lack in tactical variety. Each deck has an answer for the others, and access to cards specifically made to level the playing field or grab a momentary advantage. Bluffing is in many ways the name of the game, as players can only pass once per round – and when they do, they pass for the whole round. Along with a fully voiced, branching story mode planned for each playable deck faction, explorable open-world areas, and an exciting UI, the standalone GWENT game is shaping up to be far more than its humble CCG roots would imply. It says a lot when we’re just as excited to see our opponent’s next move as we are to crush them.

E32016-Nominee-DawnofWarIII E32016-Nominee-CivilizationVI E32016-Nominee-HaloWars2 E32016-Nominee-DeusExGO
Dawn of War III Civilization VI Halo Wars 2 Deus EX GO



Forza Horizon 3

Expanding on its considerable predecessors, Forza Horizon 3 reaches for greater heights than ever before with a giant open-world set in Australia and seamless co-op play. Keen car customization options, more regimented and free off-road races, expanded roster of vehicle brands, and one of the most beautiful racing game worlds to date, make Horizon 3 a pleasure to speed through and behold. Its physics engine and realistic aesthetics go far in capturing a convincing sense of speed and impact, as well as granting the casual freedom of exploring the sweeping Australian landscapes. Racing fans and car buffs have plenty to look forward to in Horizon 3’s wide, racing world both offline and among friends — we know we do.

E32016-Nominee-GTSport E32016-Nominee-F12016 E32016-Nominee-WRC6 E32016-Nominee-Carmaggeddon
Gran Turismo Sport F1 2016 WRC6 Carmageddon: Max Damage



NHL 17

Best Sports Game is always an almost entirely solid category thanks to EA. Their FIFA, Madden and NHL series have been perennial nominees of ours and this year is no different. All three games played quite well, but as always, our favorite was the fast-paced game that NHL 17 offers. NHL 16 was a great title that rebounded from the disappointment that was NHL 15 and 17 looks to continue improving the series. The game plays better than ever and looks the part. Steep and PES 2017 were worthy challengers this year, but hockey reigns supreme.

E32016-Nominee-NFLMadden17 E32016-Nominee-FIFA17 E32016-Nominee-Steep E32016-Nominee-PES17
Madden NFL 17 FIFA 17 Steep Pro Evolution Soccer 2017

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