E3 2016: Paragon Has a Bright Future Ahead of It

Paragon has seen tremendous success. The MOBA for PS4 and PC launched as an early access title a few months back and has really taken off. Epic Games is quickly responding to the community by addressing situations to improve the game. With Paragon going into open beta on August 16, Epic is laying the foundation for a prosperous future. At E3 2016, Epic laid out their plans on how they plan to improve the game ahead of that open beta.

Everything Epic does to improve the game is tied to a singular theme, commitment. To Epic, commitment means making meaningful choices that matter. Choices that have pros and cons and beget consequences. A MOBA lives or dies based on the level commitment it asks from its players and is one of the reasons League of Legends has been so successful.

So what’s Paragon’s big commitment problem? It’s the way players travel around the map. At this moment it’s too easy to rotate lanes, fighting is not significant, and there are no consequences to any actions players. The current travel system makes it fun to zoom around the map, but ultimately breaks the game’s strategy and causes matches to run far too long.

Paragon 01
To fix this, Epic is removing the current system and replacing it with a brand new one. Players will now be able to teleport across the map to structures they control. This will replace the ‘recall’ feature and allow players to get to where they need to be when they need to be there. You’ll need to be careful when you use it as teleporting does come with a 90-second cooldown. Players will need to commit to where they want to be as they can’t be everywhere at once.

Teleportation also forces players to commit to fights. Before, players could easily escape encounters they chose to engage it. This isn’t the case anymore. If you commit to a fight you’ll have to face the consequences of your actions.

Epic is also changing how players access upgrade cards in-game. Players will now be able to do this by using POD (Power on Demand) modules. PODs act similarly to drop pods. Players have access to the shop from anywhere on the battlefield, and can choose to deploy it anywhere. However, you’ll need to be careful where you drop it. An enemy can easily teleport nearby and attempt to destroy it.

Paragon 03
Finally, Epic is continuously dedicated to adding in free content and polishing the game. Going forward players can expect to see plenty of lobby improvements. Epic is also looking to improve tournament and community support in the near future. Also, expect to see a lot of replay and spectating enhancements. Epic is very proud of its spectating camera and wants to give players, even more, control over it. Fun fact, the team actually uses the spectating camera to create all of its trailers.

In terms of content, players can expect to see a lot more skins and characters in the future. The team is dedicated to releasing a new character every three weeks, and we will be getting one next week. On June 21, players will be able to play as Khaimera, a vicious melee fighter who specializes in disrupting team fights with his powerful axe. Like all characters, Khaimera will be 100% free and unlocked from the get-go. Epic will never ask players to pay for a character.

Paragon has a bright future ahead. Players can jump in right now with the Founder’s Pack starting at $19.99. Epic has also released a retail Essentials Edition on PS4 for $69.99 that includes over $160 in value. Remember, the open beta kicks off August 16, which is when anyone can play