Limbo Completely Free on Steam for 24 Hours

Don’t have Limbo yet, despite it being available on several platforms over the past six years?  Now is the time to do something about that because it’s never going to be cheaper than Free.  In celebration of the developer’s next game, Inside, coming out on July 7, Limbo has a price of $0.00 and adds to add to your Steam library with a single mouse-click for the next 24 hours, June 21-22.  The black and white side-scrolling adventure was a major hit when it was originally released, and is still a strong influence on the creepy/gothy adventure games of today.  Head over to Steam and grab your free copy if you’ve somehow not gotten around to playing Limbo in the last small slice of Forever that it’s been available.  Even if you’re only mildly curious you can clear the whole thing in a quick evening’s play-through.