‘Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness’ Introduction Trailer Released

Psycho Pass has always been a very well respected series of both anime, mangas, and novels that have revolved around a future,  year 2113, in which the Sibyl System monitors the populations mental states to determine whether or not they will commit crimes.  The newest addition to the series, as well as the first official video game, counts as a sort of prequel that takes place a year before, in 2112, and follows Nadeshiko Kugatachi, an Inspector, and Takuma Tsurugi, an Enforcer.  Their meeting turns the gears of fate as they rummage through the once futurist city of Sado Marineto find the truth of what has been happening.

The game is set to release sometime this Fall for the PS4, PS Vita, and PC and will not be localized for the Xbox One.

Check out the introduction trailer for the game below: