CivilizationEDU Coming To A High School Near You

It was announced at the 13th annual Games For Change Festival, that a cooperation between a group of companies will bring Civilization games to schools around the U.S.

The partnership includes Take-Two Interactive, 2K Games, GlassLab Games and the ESA, who are all working together to launch this program. Students will get a modified version of Civilization V, with an analytics engine from GlassLab built in, so that teachers can see how their students are doing, as well as watch their progress. Teachers will also get gameplay tutorials, developer diaries and information as to how each aspect of the game relates to problem solving.

“We are incredibly proud to lend one of our industry’s most beloved series to educators to use as a resource to inspire and engage students further,” said Strauss Zelnick, Chairman and CEO of Take-Two. “Civilization has challenged millions of people around the world to revisit and experience history, pursue boldly exploration, and create their own societies based on their passions and freedom of choice. I can’t think of a better interactive experience to help challenge and shape the minds of tomorrow’s leaders.”

The program also strives to put an end, or at least make a dent in standardized testing. Connie Yowell, CEO of Collective Shift and LRNG, a subsidiary of GlassLab, said, “Education today too often focuses on what can be measured, rather than what young people need to know. CivilizationEDU is a perfect example of how games can be used to teach and assess key 21st century skills that are hard to measure on multiple-choice tests.”

CivilizationEDU will be available to schools starting in 2017.

In other Civ news, Civilization VI was at E3 this year in a big way. Check out the presentation from the show: