Retro-Bit Generations Plug and Play Console Brings Capcom and Data East Arcade Hits Home

Retro-Bit has been making classic gaming devices for many years now, and they recently announced the all-new Generations plug-and-play console full of Data East and Capcom classics. The device will bring 60 classic games, including 1942, 1943, Captain Commando, Commando, Ghosts N Goblins, Gun.Smoke, Higemaru, Knights of the Round, SonSon, Varth: Operation Thunderstorms, and Ring King.

With Data East and Capcom games being represented here, one has to wonder if we’ll see more things like Street Fighter games, or perhaps Final Fight added to the lineup. It will include both composite and HDMI outputs, and use a Sega Genesis six button-style controller, with two being included in the package. The device itself looks fairly small, and the d-pad also looks enormous. Unless it’s actually modeled from a Genesis pad, it could be problematic because aftermarket versions of that design usually don’t turn out well.┬áNo release date has been announced – but we’ll keep you posted on any developments with it.