Unseen64 Releases Footage of Cancelled Daredevil Game

It seems like cancelled projects are seeing footage hit the Internet more and more recently. From the cancelled Saint’s Row PSP game all the way to the Elder Scrolls portable spinoff that was halted in development, the folks over at Unseen64 are uncovering more gems (read: potential duds) from years past.

The latest cancelled project to be uncovered by the Internet’s favorite failed development sleuths is a PlayStation 2 era Daredevil game that seems to borrow heavily from the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater franchise. From awkward grinding mechanics to a general muddy, blurry aesthetic, it makes sense that this Marvel project never hit the big stage.

If you’re at all interested, be sure to check out the footage below as quickly as possible. As many of you already know, cancelled projects have a funny way of seeing their footage disappear, so this could be your only chance to see what could have been from this failed Daredevil game.