New Details, Release Window, Screenshots Revealed for Grim Dawn’s Crucible DLC

Grim Dawn developer and publisher Crate Entertainment has shared new details on the Crucible, a new mode being introduced to the Kickstarter-backed action RPG title.

In a forum post on the Grim Dawn website, Crate Entertainment developer Kamil “Zantai” Marczewski explained that during the title’s successful Kickstarter campaign in 2012, one of the stretch goals added was a ‘Survival Mode.’

Survival Mode would have had players pitted against waves of enemies in battle, becoming increasingly more difficult the further that they progressed.

Grim Dawn

A player greeting the Master of the Crucible.

According to Zantai, the new Crucible mode “embodies” Survival Mode, but Crate Entertainment is ensuring that “it also delivers so much more as you tackle its 150 waves.”

Grim Dawn players will face an enemy onslaught for ten waves in the Crucible before making an important decision: stay on for another ten waves, meaning more lucrative rewards can be earned, or leave with all of the loot they’ve collected.

There’s a catch for those players who carry on after ten waves, however, as dying will result in the Crucible ending and a player’s “treasure will be reduced substantially.”

The Crucible has its very own currency, dubbed ‘Tributes,’ with Crate Entertainment suggesting three ways in which players can spend it:

  • Activate powerful Celestial Blessings to give you an edge in battle.
  • Create devious Defenses to aid you in combat.
  • Gamble them away for better rewards.

Crate Entertainment has confirmed that there will be three difficulty options for the Crucible — Aspirant, Challenger and Gladiator — with each one unlocking after the player completes 100 waves and the rewards becoming even better in the more difficult tiers.

Multiple battle arenas will also be part of the Crucible and each one will have a “different layout and defensive positions.”

Game-altering Mutators, which have both pros and cons, will come into effect during a run in the Crucible, which will be changed every ten waves players complete.

Berserking, for example, has monsters attacking at a faster pace, but they will also become more vulnerable to damage themselves. Slowed, on the other hand, does exactly what its name suggests to the player, but “Crowd Control doesn’t last as long.”

The release window for the Crucible DLC is set for the summer of 2016.

Pricing for the expansion is yet to be confirmed, but Crate Entertainment has revealed that those who purchased the title from its website (before or during the Kickstarter campaign) or through the Kickstarter campaign itself will receive the Crucible for free.

The Crucible will be released alongside patch, Crate Entertainment confirmed, with the forthcoming update including a “balance/tuning pass.”

According to Zantai, the next development update on Grim Dawn is scheduled for July 25, 2016.

Earlier today, Crate Entertainment announced that Grim Dawn had sold more than 500,000 copies worldwide.

Check out two new screenshots from the upcoming Crucible DLC below: