Survive Dating and Potential Execution in Go! Go! DPRK!

North Korea is not a country to mess around in.  If you somehow end up there it’s best to follow instructions, see what you’re being shown, and come home taking as much from the experience as possible given its limitations.  Don’t, for example, try to steal propaganda unless you like 15 years hard labor.  Maybe hitting on your cute tour guide is ok, though.  Go! Go! Democratic People’s Republic of Korea: My First (and Only) Trip to North Korea is the new visual novel from the team that brought you tank dating in Panzermadels, but this time they’re having fun at the expense of a country not known for its sense of humor.  This, of course, only makes the joke that much funnier.

The visual novel follows the story of an American soldier who maybe should have paid a bit more attention to which Korea his pen-pals were from.  He goes on vacation to visit them in their home country and ends up balancing hitting on one or both of the two cute military policewomen who end up showing him around while simultaneously trying to survive the experience.  Go! Go! DPRK combines the cuteness and fan service of a standard visual novel with the cheerful antics only possible in a country where the supreme leader killed his defense chief for napping by shooting him with an anti-aircraft gun.  Romantic hijinks with adorable anime girls don’t get much wackier than that.

Go! Go! Democratic People’s Republic of Korea: My First and Only Trip to North Korea is currently on Greenlight and chasing funding at Kickstarter.