Xbox Fitness is Shutting Down

Looking to get fit but don’t want to go to a gym, or outside for that matter? Well Xbox has a program that could help you lose weight while having fun! Or at least they did. Since November 2013, when the Xbox One launched, Microsoft included various Kinect-based fitness programs that featured routines from professional fitness trainers. Some of them were free to Gold members, and others that needed to be purchased.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that setup has worked well as Xbox has announced today their means of ending the program. Beginning today on June 27, you can no longer purchase any of the exercise programs within the Xbox Fitness program, with existing users who have put down their hard earned cash only having access to those premium interactive videos until June 30.

December 15 will mark the date in which “Free with Gold” will be removed from the service, which gave Gold members access to 30+ workouts for free. Lastly, Xbox Fitness will come to a complete close on July 1, 2017, no longer giving users access to any of the workouts.

It’s sad to see a service such as this go, especially considering it was a great idea and worked fairly well. Unfortunately, with the removal of Kinect from most Xbox Ones, it’s not entirely surprising to see this go.