Genesis-Style Shooter Xydonia Launches its Kickstarter

The super-early alpha of Xydonia was impressive last September and development has continued at full speed since then.  It had a good week on Greenlight, clearing the hurdle to Steam distribution earlier today just a few hours after the Xydonia Kickstarter took off.  After less than a day on Kickstarter the game is already almost halfway to its modest $22,223 (€20,000) goal.  Needless to say, it’s been a good day for the developer, Breaking Bytes.

Xydonia is a game with its feet in the early 90s style of shooter design.  The pixel art limits itself to an approximation of the Neo Geo resolution and palette, and the music is created for the chip in the Sega Genesis.  It’s a style that’s perfect for this kind of game, and is less about nostalgia than hitting just the right feel.  The ships also control very well, and while the original alpha is still available on there’s an updated one with a new character and major updates on the way in a few days to show this off properly.  Each character has their own shooting style, with multiple upgradeable weapons and options to pick up along the way, and each level has multiple branching paths to shoot your way through.  The months-old alpha was a great starting point for Xydonia, but the updates and features planned for the final version take it beyond its 90s roots, making it a game that knows and loves its heritage while keeping its head in the present.