Super Mario RPG Now Available on North American Virtual Console

Last year, Wii U owners in Europe and Japan were lucky enough to see a re-release of Super Mario RPG, which was made available on the Wii U Virtual Console. Unlike most games featuring Mario, Super Mario RPG was a bit of an oddity for its time, as it was one of the few Mario games developed by an external studio, as opposed to being made internally at Nintendo.

For those who need a history refresher, Super Mario RPG was developed by JRPG powerhouse Square, before its merger with Enix. The game was released in 1996 on the SNES, just a few short months before the Nintendo 64 saw a release in North America. While the Wii U is winding down in anticipation of the upcoming NX, Nintendo is still keen on bringing more games to the Wii U Virtual Console. Just last week, we saw the re-release of three Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games.

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars is now available on the Wii U Virtual Console, retailing for $8.