Bandai Namco Announces A.W. : Phoenix Festa for PS Vita

Based on Japanese light novel The Asterisk War: The Academy City on the WaterA.W Phenix Festa focuses on a catastrophic event in which many large cities on Earth have been destroyed.  Because of this, the Integrated Enterprise Foundation is formed and cities and forced to reestablish and reorganize themselves.  One city, known as Asterisk, houses six academies that hold tournaments known as ‘Festas’ that force students to fight against one another.

However, don’t let the plot fool you on the game’s gameplay, as it will play like a dating simulator in which the main character, Ayato, (or a character of the player’s choice), will be used to form relationships and compete in the school’s ‘Phoenix Festa’.  Players will also have the chance to train in battles and utilize their favorite characters to participate in the ‘Phoenix Festa’ tournament.

Mixing simulation and fighting, A.W. Pheonix Festa is sure to pique the interest of many fans of the series.  It will be available on July 26 exclusively on the Playstation Network of the Playstation Vita.

Check out the first set of English screenshots below: