Elena Has No Right To Be Upset With Nate

When Uncharted 4 was first teased with a gameplay demo during E3 2015, the showcase ended with Nate, Sully and Sam entering their hotel room after the high-octane jeep chase. Their spirits were high only to be knocked back down by Elena who had tracked Nate down after discovering that he had lied to her about his whereabouts. During E3 2015, this seemed like a major turning point for Nate and Elena’s relationship, but after getting our hands on the game and seeing both sides of the story, it turns out that Elena’s argument for being angry about Nate’s deception doesn’t quite hold up as much as she would like the player to believe.

The reason Elena is so furious and disappointed in Nate is because he had lied about going on a salvage job in Malaysia with his boss Jameson. Elena encourages him to take the job as she feels it will help satisfy his yearning for adventure in his suddenly normal life. Nevertheless, Nate refuses her suggestion to take the job because he is trying to leave his old life in the past and if he goes on this job it could cause more harm than it does good. It’s understandable for Elena to be furious with Nate due to the fact that he used Elena’s own suggestions and encouragements against her as a smoke screen to go off with his brother. The betrayal she must had felt toward him after discovering the truth of where her husband actually was and that he was searching for yet another lost treasure is more than reasonable. It’s the way she acts in the Malaysia hotel room, however, that isn’t reasonable and shows her true selfish nature that has been plaguing Nate’s life for the past three years.


In the beginning chapters of Uncharted 4 we see Nate and Elena’s home life in New Orleans, wit the player starting off in the attic where all of Nate’s knick-knacks from past adventures have been stuffed away. After being called downstairs by Elena and beginning to explore the Drake household, it is evident that she had taken over with all her things such as pictures, accomplishments and knick-knacks littered throughout the house leaving not even a single object of Nate’s to be seen. Why is it that Elena gets to decorate their house with all of her stuff but all of Nate’s things (which are arguably more interesting pieces to put on display) are packed away in the attic? This only the first of many signs that Elena is being more selfish than working as a team with Nate in their married normal lifestyle.

The gang finds Elena in their hotel room going over the documents related to Henry Avery spread across the wall and desk waiting for their return. She confronts Nate about his lies, which he tries to explain by informing her that he has a long lost brother. Confused, Elena looks towards Sully, the only person in the room she is willing to believe who confirms that Sam is indeed Nate’s brother by telling her he’s sorry (sorry that he didn’t tell her what they were up to and that Nate had a brother who previously was never mentioned before). Nate follows to explain why he had never told her about Sam and also why he lied to her about his recent outing. Sure learning that your husband had a brother thought to have died in a Panamanian jail and is now in debt to the guy who broke him out is a lot to take in, but this is the very cornerstone of Elena’s selfishness that comes to light in this very moment.


At this time Nate reveals to Elena that he found the location of Avery’s treasure and that they are so very close to saving his brothers life from the man who has threatened to take it if he doesn’t. You would think after learning all these facts and that his brother back from the dead has jumped out of the frying pan and landed straight into the fire, she would at least understand why he had lied to her. You would also think that maybe she would be a supportive spouse and even though she’s been lied to, maybe she was lied to for the right reasons? Even if you don’t think Nate should have lied to her, how can someone who claims to love him not want her husband to do whatever he could to save the life of his last living relative? Instead she storms out of the room because Nate hesitated to confirm that there was in fact a Malaysia job. This job, full heartily existed so why Nate didn’t confirm that at this moment is beyond me. Well, besides the fact that this is the only justification that gives Elena an excuse to freak out and storm out of the hotel the way she did.

Sure, I can understand that she is angry because Nate didn’t tell her the truth to begin with, but he couldn’t do that because it would have been the better option and probably lead to a less exciting story and video game overall. The one thing I cant stop thinking about is that she doesn’t even care about Sam’s well being. Sure Sam is a bold face liar about his story, but at this time Nate has no idea his brother lied in order to rope him into yet another treasure hunt. Right now, Nate is under the impression that finding this treasure is the only way he can save his brother, but Elena chooses to berate Nate and follow to give him an ultimatum which is either go after her (someone who is not in any danger) or stay behind and try and save his brothers life (someone he believes is in mortal danger).

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If I was in Nate’s shoes and my brother, believed to be dead or not, came to me saying he needs my help because his life is in danger, I wouldn’t just turn my back on my own blood because my wife was upset I was treasure hunting again. I would do everything in my power to make sure my brother stays alive at the end of the day and I would hope that the person who claims to love me and wants to spend the rest of her life with me would understand that and wish to help and support me in my quest to save my brother instead of throwing a fit and storming out the door to board a plane back home.

In the end, driven by lies or not, Nate started his lie to Elena because he first felt guilty about leaving Sam behind in jail for fifteen years and then he was motivated to lie to Elena because he thought a mad man was tracking him. I believe that Nate felt like he was protecting Elena by not telling her because of the events that occurred at the end of Uncharted 2. Nate had already almost lost her once because of a mad man and his gang of thugs, he wasn’t just going to let it happen again by dragging her into his and his brother’s mess.