PGS Reaches Kickstarter Goal in One Day

The PGS portable PC gaming device hit Kickstarter quickly and reached its goal in a blazing-fast time. In 24 hours, the company’s goal of $100,000 was reached and surprised. It currently stands at $156,000 – so it will definitely be funded going by the current goals set out in the Kickstarter. With the recent failure of Hero Trap, where the devs took the money after a low-ball “goal”, one will naturally be skeptical. It’s a hardware launch, which would definitely require more funding than most games – and its goal of $100,000 seems incredibly low.

Hopefully it’s just a sign that they’ve secured the vast majority of outside funding needed to get things to this point, and the Kickstarter is just a way to put the finishing touches on things since they have a fairly concrete release date in place. Still, if you don’t have money to burn – don’t back the device on Kickstarter. You’re better off waiting for impressions and seeing if it’s to your liking 99% of the time – but if this concept intrigues you, feel free to back it at a level you’re comfortable with.