Earn a Better Launch Discount With 10 Second Ninja X: Prepare to Buy Demo

Why simply have a demo when you can also tie it in to a pre-launch event at the same time?  10 Second Ninja X just released the Prepare to Buy Edition and the launch discount is going to be determined by how many stars the community earns while tearing through its levels.  The initial $9.99 regular price starts out with a teeny little 5% discount, but as people play the demo they earn stars that go towards a maximum 40% off at launch.  Admitted, with five levels available and a maximum of three stars each it might take a few players to get there, but then again it’s almost two weeks to the July 19 release so there’s time.

10 Second Ninja X is a remake and update of the original 10 Second Ninja, including all 40 of the original game’s levels and 60 new ones.  You’re a ninja, there’s robots, and you’ve got  speed, a double jump, three shuriken and a katana to tear through all of them in 10 seconds or less.  There’s no score to chase, no lives or health bar, but rather a pure action platforming time trial that rates you on how fast you can clear each level.  Get one star for beating the level, earn the second for doing it fast, and the third one comes from solving the puzzle of finding the optimal path through and doing it reasonably close to perfectly.  Reloading the level is instant if you fail, making it both very easy to keep trying for that third star and a little maddening as it remains 0.02 seconds out of reach.

The demo is available in both Steam (over here) and non-Steam (at the game’s homepage) versions, so feel free to give it a try and contribute to the quest for the 40% launch day discount.  Or just have fun playing for the best time in each level.  Whichever makes you happy, really.