Here They Lie is a Surreal Experience

If you are a big scaredy cat, then you will never want to play Here They Lie. This upcoming game, which is also the first from studio Tangentlemen, is a horror title, but it is also a psychological and sometimes surreal experience. Instead of focusing on jump scares like most other horror titles, this game hopes to unnerve players with its strange atmosphere. The demo was actually not so scary as it was weird, but that is not a bad thing either.

Here They Lie is like what would happen if you took Gone Home and made it spooky. But you are not going home here. At least in the demo players are forced into a dim sewer/subway without any explanation. There they must explore their surroundings. Sometimes there are objects to look at which make the landscape feel more alive. Most of the time, however, players are following a path. It is easy to know where to go because of cinematic moments and sound effects which make it obvious that you are meant to go down one hallway over another.

For example, during the demo you catch a glimpse of a strange shadow off in the distance. Of course you need to follow it! In another instance you hear a door slam nearby. This is exactly the door that must be opened to continue on the journey. Then things start to get really weird. This demo showed off more surreal elements such as a hallway twisting and turning in impossible ways while walking down it. Then at the end of a waterway filled with blood was an opening into nothing. Looking outside revealed thousands of stars in a galaxy rather than a continuation of the sewer system.

It would have been interesting to jump off and see what happened, but Here They Lie had other plans in mind. Shortly after this discovery a strange giant burning man appeared. With no way out there was nothing to do other than surrender to his approach. Finally, the demo ended. Both the sound design and concept behind this game are very intriguing. There is not much else out there like it. Gamers who dislike “walking simulator” games may not want to give it a try, though. Hopefully the surreal elements manage to win over some of these people.

Anyone following gaming trends would expect Here They Lie to come to virtual reality and those people are right. Here They Lie is coming to VR, but exclusively for PlayStation VR. Sorry to all you HTC Vive and Rift owners out there. If you love horror but are not interested in PS VR, then you can still pick up the game as it fortunately does not require a headset. Both the VR and non-VR version of Here They Lie will be out on PS4 in fall 2016.