Emily Wants to Play’s PlayStation 4 Release Date Revealed

Indie survival horror title Emily Wants to Play has received a release date for its PlayStation 4 version.

Posting the news on the PlayStation Blog, SKH Apps founder and developer Shawn Hitchcock confirmed that Emily Wants to Play would be heading to the PlayStation Store on August 9 for $4.99.

“Working on the game itself was a frightening endeavor,” Hitchcock wrote. “Sometimes I would be all alone, working on it at night. I could imagine the characters coming to life on their own, tilting their head sideways and staring back at me through the monitor.

“It’s a scary thought, and it shouldn’t be able to happen. But, if I make a mistake in the programming, it actually can happen!”

Responding to a user in the comments, Hitchcock didn’t rule out PlayStation VR support for Emily Wants to Play, saying that he’s currently “looking into” it following several people’s request for the title to function with the forthcoming headset.

Taking control of a pizza delivery person, players find themselves trapped inside a house by Emily and her dolls. Players will unravel the story behind Emily, her strange parents and the demonic dolls, cultivating in a final showdown between Emily and the pizza delivery guy.

Hitchcock said that the house setting for Emily Wants to Play was modeled heavily on his childhood home in New Orleans, Louisiana.

“It was a very old house where several bizarre and traumatic occurrences took place,” he explained. “I wasn’t going to use it at first, but as I drew it out on paper, I realized the layout was perfect.

“The layout of the house really worked great in combination with the strategic elements that occur later on in the game.”

Emily Wants to Play was initially released for PC and Mac in December 2015, before coming to iOS and Android devices in January 2016. Along with its PS4 release, Emily Wants to Play will be launching on Xbox One.